Rough first day

Today is the first day of my new job as owner and operator of Zairon Engineering.  Things have been rough.  Or at least not going the way I want them to.

I have been fighting a cold, and last night it decided to kick in full force.  So I have been dealing with being sick all day, in addition to all of the tasks I had to do today.  I even postponed going to the city government to get the information for business licensing, just because I didn’t feel like it.

When I woke up, my priority was to get my Sirius radio connected here at the home office. I thought I had the SMB female-to-F male adapter that I need to connect the Sirius antenna to the coaxial cable running from the exterior of the house but I only have the other kind (and three of those to boot).  So I have to track down one of those, and they are hard to find so I am stuck waiting until I get it delivered from somewhere.

After tabling that, I started back with my Ubuntu server, which I am going to be using for Subversion, wiki, and general file storage.  I needed to add a pair of 3TB disks in RAID1 for the general file storage (I have a pair of 2TB drives in RAID1 for Subversion/wiki already).  Plus, the on-board Ethernet for the motherboard doesn’t support Wake-on-LAN, so I was going to add a 1Gbit card I had at my old job to try to get that going.

I managed to zap my original Ubuntu server installation by accidentally pairing my compact flash (where Ubuntu was installed) with one of the 3TB drives and blasting the files when the RAID controller created the logical volume.  I was stupid to do it, but I have some reasons:  originally the CF was on SATA5 and my DVD drive was on SATA6.  I hooked the 3TB drives up to SATA1 and SATA2, but then Ubuntu didn’t like that.  I switched everything around, and then recreated the logical volume.  Well, the first time with the 3TB drives on SATA1 and SATA2, those drives were first; now the selections were CF and then the 3TB drives.  So I blindly chose the first two, and didn’t pay attention.  Well, now I will.

So I am reinstalling everything, including making a certificate for Apache and all that IT admin stuff.  I was hoping to get some quick prototyping on my maze engine started today, but I am guessing that I flushed the chances of that.

But I am going to be optimistic!  I am just getting all of the stupid out before things get going.

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