Procedure for a Procedural Maze: Try a Lot of Stuff

Procedural generation of content is neat, but I wonder if its not better to just make it by hand! There are a lot of wrinkles to consider, but I wanted to focus on the labyrinth type. I had to try out a bunch of different methods, but this one seems to get the result I want. Basically, the maze generator test program generates a tightly packed series of rooms connected with twisty corridors. I hope that all the rooms connect!

MazeTest labyrinth maze generator

I have more to add to this test program, like a BSP tree room generator, a cavern generator, and adding canned rooms to a randomly generated map. ┬áBut most of that is done…this is the last bit of technology I need to finish testing before moving on to actually putting it all together in a game!

So try out the MazeTest!