Ludum Dare 22

Well, Ludum Dare 22 is a little more than four days away. The anticipation is killing me!

I am not really good under pressure anymore…I tend to think a lot before I do something in my old age. I think that a game-creation contest is good therapy for this. I think that the pressure of creating a game in 48 hours will force me to get rid of my tendency for internalization and get some things done.

I will be streaming live the whole time I am working (yes, there will be sleep and eats and some guitar playing if I get stuck). I am going to try to write up a time plan too, but that presumes I finish up the helper code I need to have ready before the compo starts. It has to be in my dropbox before the Friday deadline.

So watch me here:…it is sure to be a spellbinding video experience.  A whole two days of typos and bad doodles and hopefully a “finished” game!

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